A Better Python Console

I have been using IDLE as my Python IDE. Sometimes I would write programs in gedit instead, running them in the terminal. Today I was reading that I can use gedit as my Python IDE. Imagine my excitement!

I already had gedit-plugins installed, so I simply enabled the Python Console plugin. However, it wasn’t what I expected. It was a bit better than the terminal, giving both the source file and the terminal all in one place. This gives the ability to try small snippets of code without having to switch away from the editor. However, what I enjoy about IDLE is being able to run a module using the F5 key. So the plugin I was really looking for was a better python console for gedit. I googled, and found it! Yes, I found a betterpythonconsole.gedit-plugin.

The thing is that I am quite a newbie. I had no idea how to install the plugin (I had help with the gedit-plugins installation, and didn’t remember how it was done). Luckily, someone had a friend who needed help with installing gedit plugins, and wrote this post.

So now I not only have a betterpythonconsole, but smart highlighting. My gedit Python IDE is better than either IDLE or the terminal. Loving it!

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