GCI Update

This was my first year mentoring the Google Code In. Seeing as the GNOME Games are undergoing modernisation, I thought I would try my hand at mentoring the writing of Mallard topics for Gnome Games. The following tasks were accomplished:

Gnome Sudoku:
- The intro, basics, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar, notes and rules topics completed by Chris Beiser (USA).
(Bug #618342)

Gnome Sudoku Strategy:
- The strategy page completed by Radoslav Asparuhov (Bulgaria).

- An outline including the index page, 8 topic stub pages, and 3 completed topics was brainstormed. This task helped layout a solid foundation for the mahjongg documentation. Completed by Chris Beiser (USA).
(Bug #618344)

- the intro, play, fast-moves, change-board-size and change-theme topics were completed, as well as the addition of screenshots to the documentation was was accomplished by Lanka Rathnayaka (Sri Lanka).
(Bug #664949)

- The keyboard-shortcuts, change-promotion-type, change-board orientation and save-resume topic pages were completed by Brian Grohe (USA)
(Bug #649146)

- The 2player, ai-game, quickmoves, shortcuts and visual results topic pages were completed by Brian Grohe (USA).
(Bug #664950).

All tasks completed have been committed to the master branch of the Gnome Games.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to mentor gci this year. Thank-you to Google for offering High School students the opportunity to make contributions to open-source projects. And thank-you to all the students who participated!

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