Yelp it!

It is great to be participating in the documentation hackfest at the very end of my internship with the Gnome Documentation Team. Mallard is fun. Try it! You just might like it. Yelp 3 really show off its powers.

Natalia and I have been working with the docs team over the past few months, contributing to the contents of the the Gnome Help for Gnome 3.0. Over that last 4 days, we have been here in Toronto, working with the handful of dedicated and talented folks on putting it all together. It is really awesome how the the ideas just fly when you are all working together in one room. In case you need some proof, here is a screenshot from blip.

It is great to be sitting here in person, getting immediate feedback on ideas and how to get things working in Yelp, Mallard and Gnome Shell.

Shaun, Phil, Jim, Germán, Johannes, Natalia and I will be working on the help together till Tuesday. Additionally, I heard that there are a couple of people participating remotely. If you would like to write some Mallard with us, you are welcome to join in. The team can be found on #docs. We still have some stub pages that need filling in.

Thank-you to Shaun and Ryan for organising the hackfest. It’s been a quack so far!

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