Open Help Conference and Hackfest

Last Thursday I returned home from the Open Help Conference and Hackfest in Clifton, Cincinatti.

The conference gave us the chance to meet with members of the Mozilla documentation team as well as participate in insightful talks and discussions by Anne Gentle, Dave Robbins, Dru Lavigne, Janet Swisher, Jennifer Zickerman, Lana Brindley and Shaun McCance. Many of us kept the world up to date on the Open Help events using #openhelp on Twitter.

The post conference hackfest gave the Gnome Documentation Team another chance to work together and make the gnome-help awesome. Last term I interned with the team as part of the GWOP. This time around I was able to work as part of the team and meet two of the current interns, Julita Inca and Kelly Sinnott. We worked together on testing the existing documentation for correctness, updating pages and adding topics to the gnome-help pages.

In addition to adding content and reviewing and making changes to the current documentation I learned how to apply patches, and deal with bugs on bugzilla. Although Phil Bull triaged the bugs this time around, I picked up some hints, and will triage gnome-help bugs in the future. I successfully applied outstanding patches with help from Shaun McCance, and was able to close a few bugs on bugzilla. The docs-team has a collection of patches on our mailing list. With my newly acquired patch-applying skills and powers I hope to be able to help minimise this patch collection :-)

The Clifton neighbourhood has some lovely coffee houses. The following chessboard was hanging on the wall in one of them. It is one variation of a three-player chess board. Apparently, 3-player chess can also be played using a hexagonal board, where each cell is a hexagon instead of a square. I thought this was pretty cool. Anyone up for a game?

I would like to thank the GNOME foundation for making it possible for us to attend the hackfest. A big thank-you also to Jim Campbell for picking us up from CVG airport, to Shaun and Silke McCance for organising and running the conference and arranging our accommodations, and to Sandra and Napoleon for giving us a great place to rest our weary heads.

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