Desktop Summit 2011

It has been a week since we returned from Berlin. First, I want to thank the GNOME foundation for giving me the opportunity to attend this years desktop-summit. Without their sponsorship my attendance would not have been possible!

Second, I want to reflect on the gains I made through this experience. A big thank-you to my room mate Marina Zhurakhinskaya! I first met Marina at the Boston summit. In Berlin I had the opportunity to talk to her about some of the doubts and concerns I was having about my project and being an asset to the community in general. Her input was extremely valuable. Meeting other students and hearing their stories helped me feel like I was really not alone as a new contributor of code to the GNOME project. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know Anita, Luciana, Raluca, Richard, Srishti and Tamara who are all fairly new contributors. You guys are all awesome! I especially appreciated the student lightening talks. I still can’t believe I managed to put together a slide presentation in the last minute for this event. Thanks to all for the nudge and support. All the presenters did an awesome job.

Some of the conference talks that stand out in my mind include Zeeshan Ali’s Vala talk (thanks for the code examples Zeeshan), Shaun McCance’s Ducks talk, and Travis Reiter’s Folks Talk.

I found the BoFs especially beneficial. I attended the Folks BoF and touched base with Alex, Phil, Travis and Will. My GSOC project involves Folks (which sadly lacks beginner tutorials), so having face-time with the developers was very helpful. A big thank-you to Phil for the great feedback on my contact-selector. Phil also spent an hour with me on the Thursday. He walked through all of his comments, discussed the new branches he created, and pointed out things I hadn’t even thought of such as marking strings for translations, choosing a licence for my code and overall code design. I was pleasantly surprised by all the time he put into helping me.

I also attended a bugsquads BoF. During the past year I have been filing bugs, committing patches and closing a bug here and there. I hope to become more involved in bug triaging in the future, so it was good to make some connections in this area. I wish I had had more time to speak to André Klapper in person about joining the bugsquad.

I also wanted to say thanks to Lucian (co-ordinator of the Romanian translation team) for taking some time to walk me through translation contributions and how they work. I have been interested in contributing translations for a while. After the step-by-step explanation, the process is not as daunting as I had imagined. I have already completed an eo.po file and managed to test it and submit it. I have also translated the strings in my GSOC contact-selector, but for some reason these do not seem to be working yet.

Also, thank-you to Shaun McCance for taking the time to answer my questions about xslt, at a party nonetheless! I really appreciated it.

In some ways I feel like I am all over the place, having started my contributions to GNOME with documentation, trying my hand at development through GSOC, now also learning about bug triaging and translations, and needing to learn xslt for a personal project. In many ways I feel that I am not concentrating enough on any one area, however there are so many ways I feel I can contribute, that it is difficult to stay focused on just one thing.

As for my GSOC project, although GSOC is officially done, I am not done. Therefore, I plan on finishing what I started, slowly but surely :-)

And, last but definitely not least, I want to thank Ryan Lortie for introducing me to the GNOME world, inspiring me to get involved at my comfort level, and gently nudging me to learn more and do more. Thank-you for believing in me even when I have doubts. And thank-you for introducing me to such a great community of Ducks and Folks.

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